Poetry: Inhale, Exhale

The following is written by my good friend Tommy Fuentes, currently incarcerated in a CA prison; his blog can be found at Prison Dude P30204


I want to live. Why do you want me to die?

You’re the one on the ground. I’m high in the sky

I’m free like a bird despite your chains

You’re soaking wet, while I stay dry in the rain

You sweat to bury me yet I thrive and grow

I stay young at heart, while you’re BS grows old

You can take me alive but it’s the way that I live

You take, take and take, I’m the type that gives

Incarcerate my body but you may never lock up my soul

My life bright and warm, yours so dark and so cold

Open up your heart, then free your mind

Free yourself from incarceration, stop doing hard time

Open up your eyes maybe truly see

What a wonderful life it can really be

If you live your life and not wish others death,

Then you too can truly live, til your very last breath.


By Thomas Fuentes #P-30204


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