Poetry: In My Cocoon (by P-30204, CA)

As I lay in my cocoon

I search for space but find no room

Anxiety builds, I cannot breathe.

I cling to hope, I must believe

Push and pull, thru struggle I strive

With strength and courage, I will survive

And then slowly I find peace of mind

Soon that peace, transcends time

Seasons change, people grow

Some in body, others in soul

With time things do change.

Life as we know it, is rearranged.

A metamorphosis occurs, flowers bloom

And I am free. Babe out the womb

No longer the embryo I used to be

I’ve grown wings. I was blind, now I see.

Experience is the matter of wisdom and knowledge.

Life as we live, the ultimate college

Live and we learn. We seek our degree

So that we all may live, peaceful and free

Just look at the butterfly. This butterfly….


Out of the cocoon. Into the sky.


(Thomas Fuentes P-30204
PVSP – A-1-227
PO Box 8500
CA 93210
Prison Dude P-30204)


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