9th World Day Against the Death Penalty – 10th October 2011



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2 responses to “9th World Day Against the Death Penalty – 10th October 2011

  1. The death penalty is cruel and I have to just post to you because I like your site. This system does not care The People don’t care. And I feel hopeless as a prison reform advocate. I support Tommy Silverstein who has spent more than 10,000 days in isolation. The denver Law school filed a civil suit on his behalf the judge dismissed it as not being extreme punishment.
    if a man tortured as long as he has been with a team of lawyers can’t get relief or see change where is there hope for anyone else. Americans in American prisons are screwed the constitution means nothing. the ACLU helps detainees that have it easy in Gitmo. While our prisoners are held in isolation to die or be put to death sometimes getting their mail sometimes not. I hope you don’t mind the rant but this decision from Judge Brimmer came down yesterday and I am upset.

    • Hi Marilyn, thank you so much for kind words about my blog.

      I totally agree with your views… I have many pals in the “system”, including 4 on death row (FL, NC, TX and AL). I have a pal in CA who just got out of ASU and the conditions he described were awful… the death row guys have it worse and have no escape.

      You rant all you want… 🙂 Glad to find someone else who has the same views!

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