KPFT – The Prison Show

Ray Hill’s – The Prison Show is a unique radio chat fest that has aired on Houston’s Pacifica radio station KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, TX weekly since March 1980.

Now with listeners in some 25 countries, join them as they talk about cops, courts, jails, prisons, probation, parole and heck just life in general!

The program airs Friday night 9pm CET / 2am UTC.

Listeners can join the conversation by calling: (713) 526 5738.

They begin accepting calls at 9.20pm CET / 2.20am UTC. Calls start airing at 10pm CET / 3am UTC (9.30pm CET / 2.30am UTC on the first Friday of the month). The last call is taken at 10.50pm CET / 3.50am UTC and they must wrap-up the show by 10.57pm CET / 3.57am UTC. The phone lines get busy quickly. They ask that calls are limited to 3 minutes. If you get a busy signal please redial!

Houston, TX 90.1 FM / 89.5 Galveston, TX / 89.7 Huntsville, TX and online at The Prison Show and KPFT.

The Prison Show FB page

Note: I personally have nothing to do with The Prison Show myself, this is just an info page for you to find out how to listen or how to contact them.


44 responses to “KPFT – The Prison Show

  1. I have a question If this is heard all over the world how can one find a local airtime? How many prisons are involved?

    • Hi Renee 🙂

      It’s heard all over the world via or KPFT’s site It’s live 9pm til 11pm Central time on a Friday evening on those web-sites and on the frequencies listed on the page about the show. Otherwise, like me, you can download the podcast each week in iTunes or from the site. As to how many prisons are involved… none directly but it’s heard in quite a few… if you listen to the second hour of the show you’ll hear listeners call in to give shout-outs and messages to their loved ones in prisons… you can get a good idea of how many different units are mentioned. Hope this helps…

  2. Thanx for the info!!! I will check it out! I’ll add your link to my open blogs!

  3. Virginia Martinez-Pena

    I. Really enjoy your radio station. Its hard to get thru. The phone please send my love to my husband Esequiel Pena in the Wynne Unit

  4. I have a friend who wants to make an international call in. She is concerned about ebing on hold for so long if she calls in at 9:20. Any advice?

    • Hello; I haven’t actually listened in a long time because I didn’t like the direction the show has gone. Also I know from my own penpal on Death Row that a lot of inmates just don’t listen anymore.

      But – I do remember the show allowing international callers on before the main lot. See if she can e-mail the show first and ask or if she can call in ahead of time and ask. They always let the international callers on first before.

      • Kaori

        I just found this program,and called KPFT to ask how to leave a message for my friend in DR.They told me answering Machine’s number,and told me I can leave message anytime.(I’m in Japan and my English speaking is very bad)I left a message just now,(and send a card to notify for my friend)at this point,I’m not sure they understand my message is for The Prison Show,If it works,I’ll post answering machine’s number(is it ok?)

      • Hi Kaori 🙂 That’s great, yes. If you want to contribute anything else to the blog please let me know.

      • Kaori

        Hi,so answering machine’s number is 713-320-3234.The person who was on the phone said this number after both figured out I can hardly communicate verbally and I said I’m in Japan,so maybe this number is for international caller?? One thing I forgot when I left message on answering phone was,The person who was on first phone told me to mention(?)a name Balto? Bart? Someone sounds like that.I’m really sorry this information is very fuzzy,but the number is right.

  5. Kaori

    Hello again,there might be some mistake in my former comment,My message was not aired.(I know lots of people call in,but highly possible reason was I made some kind of,I try to send an e-mail to know whether I can leave a message using this answering-machine number.Sorry about distracting here.

  6. lisa

    Hi I’m trying to get information on getting married. My husband (common law) is currently incarcerated in Montgomery county jail. And we want to get married. Can u help us out….

    • Hi Lisa, I’m afraid I don’t have a clue but if you contact The Prison Show they should be able to help. If not, send an e-mail to Ray Hill ( and he will definitely point you in the right direction.

  7. Mark D. Fronckiewicz

    I would be interested in interviewing.

  8. Melissa

    Do inmates actually listen to the station?!

    • Hi Melissa 🙂

      Yes, they do. I have a few penpals in the listening area that regularly listen. Many of the DR guys don’t anymore because of how the programme has changed but I think some still do.

  9. Pingback: ThinkwingRadio: June 18, 2014, 10-11PM, KPFT-FM 90.1 (Houston). GUEST: Ray Hill. TOPIC: Capital Punishment, Prison Rights, Human Rights, and anything else that comes up! | ThinkWing Radio with Mike Honig

  10. Ray Payan

    I am in need of info. or guidance about ex-cons rights (or parolees) on living in apartments or being on a rent lease.If someone could send me any info to my email I would highly appreciate it, this is my first time here but im going through some streesful times about this,ive been out over 9 in half year and also felony is 20 yrs. old

  11. Tammie Hobbs

    I need some information on the new three strike law for Texas if you could please let me know how to get in touch with a lawyer or somebody regarding that my husband is in Livingston Texas prison and he’s having to redo his time that he did when he was in Florida any information would be appreciated my number is 214 727 8519 and my name is Tammy Hobbs thank you and Godbless

    • I am not sure that the 3 strikes rule has anything to do with your husband doing time in Texas after having served in Florida. If perhaps the time he spent in Florida was because he was wanted in Texas, then the judge would have to give him time served. If it is time he served there undr a Florida ruling and had more time to serve here in Texas due to a parole violation then a time resolution form in TDCJ would take care of it.

      Texas enhances because of prior criminal history, so it’s not truly a 3 strike rule. If you commit a few misdemeanors the next time you get into trouble the DA can enhance the misdemeanor to a State Jail Felony, if you have a State Jail Felony and get into more trouble they can use that to enhance to a 3rd degree felony (carrying 2 – 10 years in TDCJ) etc.

      Not knowing the circumstances exactly it is difficult to answer.

      David W. Collingsworth
      Tifa Board Member and Regional Director
      Producer – The Prison Show – 90.1 FM KPFT

  12. David Collingsworth,
    Hi there friend this is Troy Riddle and I have a issue that is causing me some less than favorable physical pressures. As you know I was “convicted” 3 times for drug possession and sent to the lovely gated community of TDCJ. During my last visit I changed my former 6th grade education in for a GED. Now after graduating from Lee College in May with International honors and then some, I chose to re-enter the workforce of Texas and get my life rolling. I am not done with my education yet as I am trying to save the money to get a Bachelors in Political Science.
    After gaining legal employment as a Welder for Iron Boss (although my degree is Instrumentation Technologies) I have worked on several projects like Dayton High School, Dr. Smith’s aquatherapy building downtown, and also the reason I am writing is the Space Welcome Center at Ellington Air Force Base. (look at the pictures on my FaceBook page)
    After working on the observation tower for a couple months I was approached by my sponsor and told that I did not pass the background check. My heart dropped because I know this is the only project the company I work for has going at present time, and I still haven’t caught all my bills up since paying for college. So I go to the federal employment laws and I in fact found that they can NOT disqualify me for employment because my conviction is not job related. I was told to write General Robert Labrutta in San Antonio and see if he will grant me to be back on base. (I have written the letter) But either way it will be at the least a month off work minimal. Even though Federal law say’s they can not, they still do. So can you please inform me of any amendments to the Federal of Texas Constitution that would disqualify my employment eligibility to a federal job? Sorry to trouble you friend, just need a little help on this one. By the way love the show and the crew. Keep up the hard work just as undaunted as you all always do. Your friend,
    The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

    • Troy,

      I have been contacted by Tammie to help answer this. I wonder why you didn’t email me or ask on The Prison Show FB page. Tammis has a disclaimer ” Note: I personally have nothing to do with The Prison Show myself, this is just an info page for you to find out how to listen or how to contact them.”

      Texas is a “right to work state.” I would think this means anyone has the right to work, but unfortunately it means you can get fired for any reason or no reason. The Prison Show is exercising our rights to advocate for Ban The Box and you and I have discussed this at length. Tuesday September the 8th is a national day of action and I will be visiting a local major company to discuss their fair hiring practices. Austin recently banned the box again since they originally did it in 2008 and perhaps some forgot.

      As of this moment it is not illegal for anyone to be let go of employment because of prior background. The best thing to do is be honest about the back ground and when the check is made the employer can’t say you lied. If a security clearance is needed, then it is sad to say, WE don’t qualify.

      President Obama needs to mandate an executive order, and we are trying to encourage this decision at The Prison Show.

      David W. Collingsworth
      Tifa Board Member and Regional Director
      Producer – The Prison Show – 90.1 FM KPFT

  13. I would love to talk to you more about my husband he has surved 19 years already on the charges #1 was excape becouse he was in a drug rehab and left and never went back
    #2 is the lady he was with at the time told the police he had a knift at her over $10. Then after he was in jail she said he did not do that she just wonted him out .
    He got more time them some one who killed a person or rape a child even a cop killer .
    All witch gets less time then he receved his frist time to come up for pro is in 2025

  14. Cynthia Sparks

    Thank you for being there for our Loved Ones to help get through the evenings and nights. Can you do a shout out to my husband William Sparks at the Walls Unit. Tell him I love him always, Cindy

  15. The shout outs are so much better in your own voice. Thank you for your appreciation.

  16. Tommy bird

    Tommy Bird is looking for Ray Hill. If anyone could let him know to call me please. 701.659.0848/

  17. Anyone who wants to contact THe Prisn Show please do so at:

    Our phone number is 713-526-5738 while on the air
    or you can reach me personally at 903-360-4697

  18. Texas is set to execute Adam Ward today. A brief review of his case reveals that his family was targeted by cult-like, government gang stalking. He, in all likelihood, was an MKULTRA victim, diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 4:

  19. Maria martinez

    Benito Castro #1455894
    Medical staff of allred unit does not want to help him and he is in need of crutches,walker cuz of his right leg was operated on 12-22-15 and he can’t walk. They places a plate or rod on his angle so wen he walks it feels like a nail is stuck on his foot. And medical took his walker and crutches and said there is nothing wrong but his foot got swollen. So please let me kno what I need to do or who to call to get him.

  20. Genger Galloway

    Bob, Ray, I tried calling again but never got thru.
    Wanted to give a shout out to my uncle Herbert Butch Puckett 1915236 at Jester III.
    WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO HIM IS PATHETIC. Take a 65 year old man with one leg in a wheelchair for a year and a half & take it away suddenly and command him to walk using crutches, who does this Dr think she is? She sure ain’t Jesus. Karma people that is all I have to say karma! It’ always comes back.
    Don’t give up , don’t ever give up.

  21. Misty Cutshaw

    I just want to say thankyou!!! You have helped me through!!!please give a shout out to fatback!!!Tell him to hang in there!!! You will make it! I did and you will!!!

  22. Hi there,
    My name is Mick J Clark, I am a singer/song writer on the New Atlantic Records label. My songs are being played on the radio, and I would like you to feel free to play any of them. I have 3 albums out and my songs all tell a story. There are ballads, country & rock. If you like my albums I can send them over to you.
    They are all on iTunes, amazon spotify ect. & You Tube.
    Kind Regards

  23. Rosemarie

    Hi I have a you think that the B.M. Moore unit lessons? sorry I’m new! to all this and can’t find the one my dad told me for my kids paint and wright on everything please ? and thank you!

  24. Elizabeth Chavez

    My name is. Elizabeth. I wanted to get information on how i can contact the radio station i was. Reading and saw that we could contact the kpft staion and they can give. The inmate the a message for us
    EDWARD Robles he is at eastham unit
    I wanted to ask if you can please tell him happy birthday. His birthday is October 15 from me Liz i love him and miss him so much & happy birthday from me and the kids thank you for your time god bless you
    Thank you for your time god bless you

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