KPFT – The Prison Show

Ray Hill’s – The Prison Show is a unique radio chat fest that has aired on Houston’s Pacifica radio station KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, TX weekly since March 1980.

Now with listeners in some 25 countries, join them as they talk about cops, courts, jails, prisons, probation, parole and heck just life in general!

The program airs Friday night 9pm CET / 2am UTC.

Listeners can join the conversation by calling: (713) 526 5738.

They begin accepting calls at 9.20pm CET / 2.20am UTC. Calls start airing at 10pm CET / 3am UTC (9.30pm CET / 2.30am UTC on the first Friday of the month). The last call is taken at 10.50pm CET / 3.50am UTC and they must wrap-up the show by 10.57pm CET / 3.57am UTC. The phone lines get busy quickly. They ask that calls are limited to 3 minutes. If you get a busy signal please redial!

Houston, TX 90.1 FM / 89.5 Galveston, TX / 89.7 Huntsville, TX and online at The Prison Show and KPFT.

21 responses to “KPFT – The Prison Show

  1. I have a question If this is heard all over the world how can one find a local airtime? How many prisons are involved?

    • Hi Renee :)

      It’s heard all over the world via or KPFT’s site It’s live 9pm til 11pm Central time on a Friday evening on those web-sites and on the frequencies listed on the page about the show. Otherwise, like me, you can download the podcast each week in iTunes or from the site. As to how many prisons are involved… none directly but it’s heard in quite a few… if you listen to the second hour of the show you’ll hear listeners call in to give shout-outs and messages to their loved ones in prisons… you can get a good idea of how many different units are mentioned. Hope this helps…

  2. Thanx for the info!!! I will check it out! I’ll add your link to my open blogs!

  3. Virginia Martinez-Pena

    I. Really enjoy your radio station. Its hard to get thru. The phone please send my love to my husband Esequiel Pena in the Wynne Unit

  4. I have a friend who wants to make an international call in. She is concerned about ebing on hold for so long if she calls in at 9:20. Any advice?

    • Hello; I haven’t actually listened in a long time because I didn’t like the direction the show has gone. Also I know from my own penpal on Death Row that a lot of inmates just don’t listen anymore.

      But – I do remember the show allowing international callers on before the main lot. See if she can e-mail the show first and ask or if she can call in ahead of time and ask. They always let the international callers on first before.

      • Kaori

        I just found this program,and called KPFT to ask how to leave a message for my friend in DR.They told me answering Machine’s number,and told me I can leave message anytime.(I’m in Japan and my English speaking is very bad)I left a message just now,(and send a card to notify for my friend)at this point,I’m not sure they understand my message is for The Prison Show,If it works,I’ll post answering machine’s number(is it ok?)

      • Hi Kaori :) That’s great, yes. If you want to contribute anything else to the blog please let me know.

      • Kaori

        Hi,so answering machine’s number is 713-320-3234.The person who was on the phone said this number after both figured out I can hardly communicate verbally and I said I’m in Japan,so maybe this number is for international caller?? One thing I forgot when I left message on answering phone was,The person who was on first phone told me to mention(?)a name Balto? Bart? Someone sounds like that.I’m really sorry this information is very fuzzy,but the number is right.

  5. Kaori

    Hello again,there might be some mistake in my former comment,My message was not aired.(I know lots of people call in,but highly possible reason was I made some kind of,I try to send an e-mail to know whether I can leave a message using this answering-machine number.Sorry about distracting here.

  6. lisa

    Hi I’m trying to get information on getting married. My husband (common law) is currently incarcerated in Montgomery county jail. And we want to get married. Can u help us out….

    • Hi Lisa, I’m afraid I don’t have a clue but if you contact The Prison Show they should be able to help. If not, send an e-mail to Ray Hill ( and he will definitely point you in the right direction.

  7. Mark D. Fronckiewicz

    I would be interested in interviewing.

  8. Melissa

    Do inmates actually listen to the station?!

    • Hi Melissa :)

      Yes, they do. I have a few penpals in the listening area that regularly listen. Many of the DR guys don’t anymore because of how the programme has changed but I think some still do.

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  10. Ray Payan

    I am in need of info. or guidance about ex-cons rights (or parolees) on living in apartments or being on a rent lease.If someone could send me any info to my email I would highly appreciate it, this is my first time here but im going through some streesful times about this,ive been out over 9 in half year and also felony is 20 yrs. old

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