William Emanuell Hartfield – Palestine, TX

William Emanuell Hartfield
Powledge Unit
1400 FM 3452
TX 75803

DOB: 15th May 1972
Sentence: 6-2018 (Arson)

245 lbs, 6’3″, race: A. A., eye colour: seasonal, hair colour: shaved bald

Seeking: Just friends Women & Men, Romance with Women

Hi! My name is William but my friends call me Emanuell. I am wanting to meet true friends that know and live by the meaning of friendship. I’m a very loving, open, loyal, caring person

I really enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, writing, travel, working with my hands. I played university football for four years, so I’m tired of playing games.

In no way am I a characteristic of my address, so give me a chance before you judge me; as a human being judgemental is so easy, but as well it’s not a good way to be because you miss out on so much when you judge a book by its cover. I would think I’m not the only person on earth that has gone through situations that has made them a better person.

So tell me, can you be non-judgemental of me? If so I would enjoy hearing from you!

God bless you,
Emanuell 🙂

William Emanuell Hartfield, TX


6 responses to “William Emanuell Hartfield – Palestine, TX


    Yes I can be non judgemental! How are you sir? Do you remember me?


    are you the site administrator?

  3. Hello, yes I’m the site admin, it’s my site. I thought I’d tried that 0 infront but if it’s showing he’s there then that’s ok 🙂 William has no internet access so he has no way of seeing any messages. You’d have to write to him via the facility he’s at. I haven’t heard from him in quite a while.

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